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Each sale purchases 1 Acre of rainforest (.4 hectare) for conservation through partnership with The Rainforest Trust! Grab a few as presents for your friends with an awesome charity attached. Thank you for your support in conserving rainforest and continuing sustainability efforts around the world.  Share your stickers online with the tag #art4acres to spread the message and for a chance to win monthly giveaway of TripleVision art prints and apparel. 


Many a soul traveler have crossed the Kambo frog's medicine path of love and transformation through fire and water. Its blessings shine on in our hearts, and teach us the value of letting go. In honor of all the frogs that have blessed the populations across the globe, this art is dedicated to preserving the lands from which they, and the indigenous forest keepers, dwell.


Kampu-Kamborana- Cutout

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